Sunday, June 28, 2009

2466 Diet, Day 11

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nothing wrong with disagreement.
Plenty wrong with being disagreeable.


What I ate yesterday:
2 coffee, coffeemate vanilla sugar free
Grits, Quaker original pkg
Margarine, Promise, 1 tsp
Tomato, small fresh
Diabetic Dinner - Cheese lasagna, spinach, carrots
Yogurt, Dannon, coffee flavor
Water & tea
The usual vitamins and minerals, not included in totals below.

Totals for yesterday:
Calories - 664 (out of 1153 allowed)
Carbs - 86 (299g allowed)
Sugar - 29g
Fiber - 6g
Fat - 23 (67g allowed)
Protein - 31 (47g allowed)
Cholesterol - 60 (297mg allowed)
Sodium - 1143 (2402mg allowed)

Total weight lost since 6/17:
5.0 pounds


Chriz said...

Congratulations on your weight loss success! I love grits! I grew up on the stuff and for me it is the ultimate comfort food. Is it difficult to find in the North? Unfortunately, it is impossible to find in Europe.

~~Silk said...

Chriz - Quaker instant is easy to find, but many Southerners who love grits don't recognize the instant as "real" grits. It's good, I don't see a lot of difference, but not as starchy. I can get the regular long-cooking, but for just me it's not worth glopping up a pot.

(I hope you're talking about the small ground. I don't like hominy! Yuck!)