Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2471 Diet Musing

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

“Never confuse virtue with the lack of opportunity.”


I like the quote above. I get very annoyed at people who stick their noses up in the air and preach at others from a lofty position of high virtue, when said person has never tripped and fallen over the cliff simply because they've lived on the plains all their life. They've never even seen a cliff.

On the diet, I'm losing faster than I expected, but I suppose a lot of it is water. What's discouraging is that I know, from past experience, that I won't lose the thighs and belly pad, no matter how many pounds the scale says. I retain the same basic shape - that shape just gets smaller.

No matter how much weight I lose, I'll never ever have long slender legs.

Body-shaping exercise doesn't affect the belly pad, either. It's a pad of fat under the skin, on top of the muscles. I've already got good muscles there. There's no sag, nothing needs tightening.

Another odd thing is that I'm actually eating more now than before. It's just what I'm eating and when is different.

Before embarking on this exercise I ate yogurt in the morning, and then ate nothing until evening, and even then often ate nothing if it got late and I still didn't feel hungry. The evening meal would usually be a restaurant dinner (eat half, doggie bag the rest), a Lean Cuisine meal, doggie bagged food, or, if I felt ambitious, maybe steak and veggies from the freezer. Where the major calories came from was trail mix or toasted soy beans, which I had a habit of nibbling in late afternoon and evening, or ice cream (usually 1/2 cup). If I'd had lunch out on any particular day, I'd likely eat nothing else the rest of the day.

Oddly, I never felt hunger unless there was food in front of me, and then it wasn't so much hunger as a desire to taste whatever I smelled.

Now I swear I'm eating more. I eat something about every three hours, avoiding high-calorie things like my beloved nut & seed trail mix, and popcorn with butter. And now I'm learning what hunger feels like. I've got a list of all the things available to eat in the house with the calorie count, and I find myself perusing that list to pick something out several times a day.

It has to do with metabolism. I have and have always had a very slow/low metabolism. Very efficient. Eating multiple times a day kicks up the metabolism. So that's why even though I'm eating more food, very likely more calories per day on average (averaging in those pre-diet near-zero days), the frequent intake has boosted the metabolism, resulting in weight loss instead of weight gain.

In fact, I may be losing too fast (7 pounds in two weeks). Maybe I could add some trail mix back in.

Another small benefit - if I accidentally missed taking my Prilosec, the acid reflux attacked without fail the next night. Since I've been on this regimen, I completely missed two days of Prilosec, with no ill effect. Hmmm. Must have been something I didn't eat.


Later edit - looking at what I ate yesterday, it doesn't look like I could have eaten every few hours - there isn't much stuff on the list. Well, I didn't eat that dinner all at once. It came as one package, but I ate the three parts of it separately over five hours. I do that a lot.

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