Friday, July 03, 2009

2478 An evening at the movies

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lao-Tse, in the Tao Te Ching: "Do not
conquer the world with force,
for force only causes resistance."


I went to the movies and dinner tonight with a meetup group. The movie was "Public Enemies", with J. Depp. It was ok, Johnny was good, but it was a bit too violent and bloody for me. Story line/development was formulaic, and sacrificed to violence. And wow, I noticed a bunch of inconsistencies, like when Billie sneaked out of the apartment dressed as a man, howcome the next time we see her she's wearing the fur-collared coat. How? And howcome Dillinger's mustache keeps changing moment to moment?

I'm just too critical.

Actually, I think my watching mood was distorted to negativity by the guy sitting in front of me and to the left with the bag of ...what?... Corn nuts? Pretzel barrels? CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH crunch crunch crunch crunch, crinkle crinkle, CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH crunch crunch crunch crunch, crinkle crinkle ... for over a half hour. Exactly the same number of crunches every time, too, which was itself maddening.

Then we (eleven of us, I think) went to Cafe Maya in Wappingers. I had the Polo Oaxaca, a broiled chicken breast on a bed of roasted red, yellow, and green peppers, spinach, onions, mushrooms, and something I couldn't identify, with a creamy cheesy sauce over. It was superb! I ate every bit of it. I tasted a bit of someone else's BBQ ribs, and they were very good, too.

I haven't the faintest idea how many calories etc. that came to. I'll make something up for the chart. The veggies probably weren't much. The killer was probably the sauce.

So, now it's after 1 am. I changed the time on this entry so it would show up as a Friday post.

Tomorrow there's a symphony concert, a demolition derby, and fireworks at the Rhinebeck fairgrounds. I got all excited about the demolition derby - I love them - but the cost is ridiculous. They want $40 per carload, and $11 admission to the grounds, and $6 more for the derby. That's $57 dollars just to get me in. You aren't allowed to take food or drink onto the grounds, so it would be another $20 or so to keep me fed and hydrated.

Nah. I think I'll stay home and get caught up on the sewing and bill-paying.

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