Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2472 MJ's Estate Question

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malcolm Forbes: "It's so much easier to suggest solutions
when you don't know too much about the problem."

...which is why I seldom offer or accept personal or financial advice.


Item 1: The day after Michael Jackson died, members of his family gathered at his mansion, and two large moving vans appeared, were loaded, and left for parts unknown.

Item 2: MJ's attorney says there was a will, but he doesn't have a copy.
Item 2 corollary: Lawyers always keep copies (if not the original) of documents they draw up, especially wills.
Item 2 corollary corollary: If there's more than one will, and more than one lawyer, we'd have heard from another lawyer by now.

Item 3: Nobody can find a will.

Hmmm. Something's fishy.

I have a big problem with those moving vans. Perhaps whatever was removed was rented property, furniture, whatever, and it was removed by the leasing company? If so, that's ok. But I can't imagine MJ having two vans full of rented furniture. His tastes were too expensive for rented stuff.

If it wasn't rental property, then it was his property. You simply cannot remove estate items before an executor has taken control of the estate. That's a violation of state and federal law - they get excited about tax evasion and all that, you know. The property has to be inventoried and appraised. And one can't help but wonder if a will was found that weekend, and someone didn't like what it said, like huge donations to charity, so it disappeared. No one seems to know what was in the trucks beyond the family. Maybe the trucks were full of unacceptable wills.

I'm surprised that it doesn't seem like much of anyone is speculating about all that.

What people are speculating about is the doctor. He said that when he checked on Michael, that MJ "had a faint pulse" but was not breathing. The doctor "performed CPR" with MJ on the bed.

Everybody has jumped on the "on the bed" part, and think the doctor must be hiding something because "everyone knows you can't do CPR on a soft surface, you'd have to move him to the floor."


If MJ had a regular pulse, no matter how faint, you don't do full CPR! You don't do compressions if there is a discernible pulse. What the doctor did was probably rescue breathing, which is easier to do on a bed, and which reporters heard and interpreted as CPR.

I don't understand why everyone is jumping on the "CPR inconsistency", and ignoring the moving vans and the possible rape of the estate and thwarting of MJ's intentions.

Red herrings, anyone?


In my wanderings, trying to find answers to my questions, I found the following headline:

Attny: Jackson had pulse in bed before dying

No kidding. Um, doesn't everyone?


Wednesday update: Now it appears there is a will, written in July 2002, naming as executors MJ's long-time lawyer and a music executive/family friend. Is it possible that the "long-time" lawyer was not the one who drew up the will? Because if he did, it would have been immediately known that there was a will.

It is reported that the will gives MJ's mother guardianship of the children. I find it difficult to believe that MJ would willingly let his father have any control or influence over those kids. I'd be more willing to believe he'd assign a sibling, maybe a more stable older brother.

The red herring stinks.

I'm not that affected, really, by MJ's death, no more than anyone else I do not know personally. But screwing around with the will and the estate, and witch-hunting - now that really jerks my chain.

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