Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2473 Diet, Day 14

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Definition, “Tartuffe“: A hypocrite who feigns virtue,
especially in religious matters.


Not a lot of good things yesterday. I just ate what I felt like. The baking chocolate isn't unusual. I don't much care for chocolate things, like cake, brownies, or fudge, but I do get an occasional chocolate craving, which can be satisfied with baking chocolate. Usually the unsweetened or semi-sweet. I think I'm more after the brain chemical than the taste.

What I ate yesterday:
Coffee, coffeemate vanilla sugar free
Yogurt, Dannon, coffee flavor
Wild black raspberries, a few from the yard
1/2 bagel, plain
cream cheese
V8 veggie juice, 8 oz
Baking chocolate, german sweet, 13g
Quiche, spinach, 4 oz
Water & tea
The usual vitamins and minerals, not included in totals below.

Totals for yesterday:
Calories - 979 (out of 1153 allowed)
Carbs - 109 (299g allowed)
Sugar - 40g
Fiber - 3g
Fat - 47 (67g allowed)
Protein - 28 (47g allowed)
Cholesterol - 110 (297mg allowed)
Sodium - 857 (2402mg allowed)

Total weight lost since 6/17:
7.0 pounds

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