Saturday, August 30, 2014

3972 A consideration

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I guess I need to be very careful here, very clear that I'm  not attacking or defending anyone in particular.  It's just that I had a thought, and in all I've read and heard I've not heard that thought expressed by anyone else, and that surprised me.

Re:  Ferguson, Missouri.  Michael Brown.

Very soon after the shooting, TV stations in the area and online news outlets were showing a video from a store surveillance camera, from that day, where a large man identified as Michael Brown (supposedly) stole about $50 in merchandise from a shop, and then definitely physically roughed up a much smaller man, presumably the shop owner or clerk, who was objecting to the (possible) shoplifting. 

Many people vociferously objected to the showing of the video, claiming it was an obvious attempt to demonize Brown, because the cop had no idea that Brown was wanted for the shoplifting, therefore it had nothing whatsoever to do with the shooting.

My immediate thought was, no, it had everything to do with the shooting.  Ok, the cop didn't know Brown was wanted, but Brown did!  He lifted $50 worth of cigars, was seen doing it, had an altercation with the shopkeeper, and mere minutes later is stopped by the police.  Bam!

Does anyone believe that sequence of events had NO influence on Michael Brown's attitude toward and dealings with the not-in-on-the-story cop who stopped him? 

3971 Thoughts

Saturday, August 30, 2014

You can live the entire rest of your life without breathing.  It's true.


A woman's skirt should never be shorter than it is wide.


Too many folks in this neighborhood have pit bulls, and too few know a damn thing about training.  Regardless, after thinking it over, I've decided that I just plain don't trust pit bulls, trained or not.  Never had to think about it before, but yeah, when it comes to pit bulls I do have a negative prejudice.  And I can explain it.

When any other breed of dog bites or attacks, he's saying that he is annoyed or afraid, and wants you to stop what you're doing or go away.  If you stop touching his painful hip, or if you indicate that you are conceding to his request to get off his property (or out of his life), or as soon as he's no longer afraid, he stops and backs off.  The dog wants to make a point, and once the point is made, he quits.

Not so with pit bulls.

Yeah, they can be wonderful loving family dogs, just like any other breed, and just like any other breed if he never feels a need to bite, he won't.  The difference is that when he does get riled up for whatever reason, he, unlike other dogs, is not trying to make a point after which he will stop, not going to administer a warning nip or a punishing bite --- no, when a pit bull starts, the only thought in his mind is KILL!  KILL!  KILL!  They don't stop until they do.

And that's why they scare me.  They have only two modes, on and off.


I finally bought a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet.  Yeah, there's the onscreen keyboard, but it's a pain to use.  I finally know now why so many people ignore capitalization and punctuation in online comments.  The cost and frustration of doing it right when you don't have a keyboard with all the trimmings just isn't worth doing it right.  Now I know why so many have the attitude "Who cares?"

3970 Spider crabs

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I've been sitting on this for a while.

It's spider crabs, a video from BBC Life - Creatures of the deep.  The crabs molt when they've grown too large for their shells, and since they are extremely vulnerable until the new shells harden, they gather and molt en masse. I mention that because some people who have viewed this video thought they were eating each other, and that at the end, it's dead bodies.  It's not.  It's discarded shells.

Anyway, I loved the music ("Comfy in Nautica") so much I bought the album: Person Pitch, from Panda Bear.  Don't try to watch this with the volume down.  It's just not the same.

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