Friday, November 18, 2005

#445 Deadline Approaching

I committed to have the house "company ready" by Thanksgiving. I haven't given up yet, exactly, but I don't think I'll make it. Not to my standards, anyway.

I got next to nothing done this week, having been out Sunday afternoon and evening, Monday night, Tuesday night into Wednesday, Thursday night into Friday afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow morning into Sunday. I wanted to move the grandfather clock to the basement. I have to do that in order to move the Tibetan chest that has been blocking the foyer into that corner, in order to unblock the front door, so I can take stuff on a hand truck around the corner of the house to the basement. The only block of time when I could have done that, it was pouring rain and so windy a goose ran into the side of the house.

I had made a promise to myself that I would no longer stack newspapers. I would read every day's paper the day it arrived, and burn it that night. I'm already five days behind. Duh?

I did go to the Wal-Mart movie this evening. It was limited to 350 capacity, at Bard College, and I had never received any confirmation of my online reservations. Well, there were no more than 80 people there.

The movie was nothing new, all stuff we have been hearing. Not nice at all. I have a friend who just started working at W-M and I'll have to ask him what he thinks. It's funny, but when they were talking about how workers are forced to work unpaid unrecorded overtime, and several other unfair practices, I almost had to put my hand over my mouth to avoid shouting "[The Company] did that, too! They ALL do!"

I have one definite technical complaint. There was a lot of what should have been voiceover with background sounds or music. But it was actually more like music (including vocals) with background voice-under. It's especially apparent at the end, but that's not what I'm talking about. I couldn't hear many of the interviews because the singing or music or background sounds were too loud.

In a future entry, I think I'll address company cultures, and how they can so easy change, usually for the worst.

I had a very bad moment tonight. I just realized that the actual ceremony is in the morning tomorrow, and what I have decided to wear is more appropriate to evening. That thought was prompted by Roman's plaint, "Do I really have to wear a suit? And a tie?" At least he can take his jacket and tie off for the reception if he wants. I'm gonna be stuck in what I leave the house in.

Pardon me while I go crawl through my closet again. Blech. Now I wish I had found a moment to do laundry this week.


#444 Run, Silk, Run

This'll have to be quick. A long-distance friend (Beauregard, for those who may remember him) urged me to see the movie "The High Cost of Low Prices", an expose of Wal-Mart. It's showing at Bard College this evening at 8, so I'll have to get a move on.

Tomorrow is the wedding of The Pixie and The Dark Prince. I'll be leaving here in the morning, and I don't expect to be back until Sunday, probably about noonish. In the meantime, the beast is in charge.

Last night's dinner was pretty good - there were only four of us, but it was good. Dessert was even better. Especially since the dessert tray didn't have to go to work until this afternoon.

Oh, and I found out that the spell-checker didn't work because I had the pop-up blocker on. It's easy to turn it on and off.

Gotta run.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

#443 Third Thursday Therapy

... that's what they call the monthly dinner. TTT for short. It's been going on for years. It used to be at an Italian restaurant, at lunchtime, then it moved to dinner, then it moved to a Chinese/Mongolian buffet. Sometimes eight people show up, sometimes two. I'm hoping for several tonight. I want conversation. Distraction.

Oops - my link has gone down TWICE while I've been writing this, and it's already 5:11, and I have to leave at 5:30 - still have to change clothes and put a face on. Bye!!!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

#442 Jumping Ship

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished today. I got home this morning to find about 90 AOL journal alerts in my email (I subscribe to about 30 journals, and normally get only 10 or so alerts a day), and close to 100 emails from people complaining about AOL's decision to put ads in their personal journals.

Many of them I didn't read past the first couple of lines, but some of them were rolling-on-the-floor funny. Like the guy with the plaintive note: "Did something happen overnight that I don't know about? Sheesh, I'm always the last to know." I thought that was a riot. (Roman, AOL needs your voice of reason! It's getting downright nasty over there.)

So that took a lot of time. Especially following the links to check out other blog-hosting sites. This one looked pretty good, actually. So after a few hours of playing with formats and templates and learning, here I am, not running away from AOL's intrusive banner ads, but because this just plain looks like a better place to be.

I went to the hardware store and bought more weather stripping to finish the front door. Just in time, too. It's supposed to get down to around 18 degrees Friday night. Yeah. 18. Fahrenheit.

Then I stopped by Piper's office to give him more numbers. He's happy to find that the only stocks that I have actual paper certificates for happen to also be the only stocks that I plan to keep over this restructuring we're planning. All the rest is "book entry", which means we can sell them almost instantly with a phone call. Which means we can time the sales closer to advantageous market conditions.

Then I signed up for a class in Excel that Roman is teaching. It's an intermediate level class, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, five sessions, at Dutchess South. I haven't taken the basic class, but he says I shouldn't have any trouble. It starts next Tuesday. I figure I might want some kind of (real) bookkeeping program if I start selling stuff, so this can kill several birds with one stone. I learn something I need, with a willing tutor as needed, and I get to see him in action in a classroom.

Well, I just discovered the spell checker doesn't seem to want to work. Guess I gotta go read some more "Help".


#441 Welcome to My New Blog

The old journal is at It started out on AOL Journals, and got moved to Blogger when AOL trashed journals support. It contains entries from June 22, 2004 to November 16, 2005.