Saturday, September 24, 2011

3360 Winnowing

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Man must be careful to never mistake human justice for divine justice.


Imagine a loving parent with 12 children, now imagine asking that parent to give away eight of them. Worse, make it not "give away", make it "get rid of".

That's how I feel about clearing out the old house.

I simply have too much stuff. But every bit of it was individually chosen. Every piece was acquired because I loved it. Every item is individual and special.

I don't have room for all of it here, but what do I get rid of?

It's hard.

I want to find loving homes for most of the stuff that I just can't keep, and one way to ensure that is to sell it. If people pay for stuff, they're more likely to actually want it. But nobody is buying stuff.

I have a collection of about 38 teapots. I figure I should pick ten and sell the rest. Go to ebay, search for teapots, and you get page after page of "0 bids". I have hundreds of vintage '60s and '70s dress patterns. Same thing - "0 bids". Quilt blocks are selling, but at $4 for 40 squares, it's not worth the time it would take to cut up my fabric stash. I'd donate the fabric, less emotional involvement there, but nobody wants it.

So I pick things up, hold them, look at them, think about where I would put it in the new house and if I don't have an answer, I think about what I can do with it to "get rid of it", and I feel like crying.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3359 HOTW - J.R. Martinez

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created.
-- Albert Einstein --


It's been a long time since I picked a Honey of the Week. This guy has been on my radar a long time. I first saw him while channel surfing through "All My Children", and he stopped me. Instant reaction to him. Since then I occasionally check the soap to see if he's in the day's storyline.

He was badly burned in Afghanistan. Heavily scarred. But he still has the most gorgeous eyes, and he's smoothly sexy. His voice, body, the way he moves. Plus, he's 100% nice guy. He absolutely fits my qualifications for HOTW.

He was brought to mind by last night's Dancing With the Stars. I didn't watch the show, but I heard he'd done well, so I found the video on YouTube:

His scars barely show there. Must be heavily made up.
His story is at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

3358 Past Flash

Sunday, September 18, 2011

For a true scientist, being wrong is just as interesting as being right.


I'd mentioned TD&H* 1 and 2, who ran the gas station/quick shop in the village at the old house, and that TD&H 2, the younger brother, flirted heavily with me last summer, just before I moved. (We'd taken a ride, and sat by the river one afternoon, and he wanted me to go out for dinner and drinks. I said thank you, I'm flattered, but no, but he kept trying right up until I moved.)

Well, I still subscribe to the online news feeds for the village. TD&H 2 (age 47) was arrested today in a sting operation. He sold a beer to an underage undercover agent.

Why am I amused? Shaking my head, but amused.

[* TD&H = tall, dark, and handsome.]