Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2455 Diet, Day 6

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctor Who: "What is life? It's a way of keeping meat fresh."


What I ate yesterday:
2 coffee, coffeemate vanilla sugar free
pasta, mushroom, sauce (6/19 doggie bag)
grits, Quaker original pkg
Margarine, Promise, 2 tsp
MacIntosh apple, w. skin
Ice cream - eskimo pie
wild black raspberries, a few from the yard
Stouffer's turkey dinner
The usual vitamins and minerals, not included in totals below.

Totals for yesterday:
Calories - 972 (out of 1153 allowed)
Carbs - 93 (299g allowed)
Sugar - 4g
Fiber - 15g
Fat - 34 (67g allowed)
Protein - 20 (47g allowed)
Cholesterol - 60 (297mg allowed)
Sodium - 1411 (2402mg allowed)

Total weight lost since 6/17:
1.5 pounds


For many years I've been telling people I will gain weight if I eat more than 1000 calories a day, and the reaction has always been a snort, and "no way!"

I've been very good about tracking calories this past week. I averaged 799 calories a day over the past six days, and I don't feel hungry or deprived. I'm fine. I miss my yogurt, and I think I may add that back in. Otherwise, I miss nothing else.

This diet is giving me an understanding of how calories and exercise relate in my body. I've increased my activity level a little bit this week, and I credit that for the 1.5 pound loss. The gain of 15+ pounds since last November is due, I think, to a daily Starbucks Frappachino (sp?) and an occasional candy bar, without a corresponding activity increase. When I get to my target weight, I should be able to figure out how I can have frapps and candy bars occasionally without gaining.


Update: I just made myself some ham salad, using Hormel canned ham. I usually like salty things. I'm more partial to potato chips than a piece of cake. But my tongue has already changed, I guess. This ham salad is so salty I don't really want it! And that's sayin' somethin'!

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