Sunday, June 21, 2009

2449 The weekend

Sunday, June 22, 2009

Abraham Lincoln: "My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure."


Catching up:

Friday evening I went to a "dinema" in Beacon. That's dinner and cinema. Sorta like dinner theater, but with movie instead of play. They showed the movie between the entree and dessert.

There were 17 in our group, and the movie was a 1966 British farce (of the "Carry On" tradition) called "Don't lose Your Head". It was a parody of "The Scarlet Pimpernel".

I felt odd. Most movies I've seen over the past few years, I've been alone or with Mensans. And yeah, sometimes we laugh at things nobody else laughs at. About a third of the way into the movie, I was aware that I was not with Mensans. I, all by myself, laughed at stuff that no one else laughed at, and those were the things I laughed hardest at. I guess no one else got some of the jokes - subtle puns and historical references. Strange. I didn't expect that. They must have thought I was nuts. On the other hand, they laughed at the physical comedy, and I didn't.

I didn't get home until the wee hours, and then had to get going on Saturday to meet The Man in Fishkill. He'd got us an apartment. Kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom downstairs, and another bathroom and a bedroom upstairs, on a balcony overlooking the living room. I was almost an hour late meeting him because the traffic was so bad.

Friday night and Saturday morning's traffic was worse than I've ever seen it in this area. It used to take me an hour to get to Beacon or Fishkill. Both of those trips took more than an hour and a half. I don't understand.

Anyway, The Man and I had dinner and then went to the Shakespeare festival at Boscobel:

The play was not the usual Shakespearean fare. It was "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged". It's a specialty of this troupe, performed by three actors and a prop mistress. They cover the highlights of many of the major plays, with lightning costume changes, and a complete disregard for the script, even combining a few things in the interest of time, if not clarity, and often involving the audience in the action. It's a riot.
The last play was Romeo and Juliet, and they covered the whole story in minutes, with wigs and skirts and swords flying. Then, they said they could do it faster, so they did. Then a third time even faster. Then they did a super fast version - backward! Even the dialog ("listen for the satanic messages").***

It was enjoyable, but we can't claim we went to a Shakespearean play....

Today we went out for lunch, and then to a movie. We saw "Up". The Man had mentioned two weeks ago that he wanted to see it, but couldn't find any kids to take him to it. (He was about ready to kidnap a kid in the mall to have an excuse to go.) I promised him I'd try to be a kid.

It was pretty good, actually. The Man was disappointed because it wasn't 3D in the theater in Fishkill (hey, we're the boonies!), but I'm not sure I could have handled it in 3D. I have a problem with edges (not height, really, just edges with drops), and at least five times during the movie I got that rubbery feeling in the back of my knees and had to close my eyes.

So, now I'm home.


***Later edit - Oops. It was Hamlet that was last, that they did over, faster, and then backwards.

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