Thursday, June 25, 2009

2459 Snow Job

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The less capable we are in a job, the more confident we are that we do it well. The less capable we are of making a decision, the more confident we are of that decision.


(Randomly generated quote above - any relation to what follows is incidental and unintended.)

This is the theater at a local liberal arts college:
(Above photo © Jackie Craven, from an architecture website, used without express permission for the purpose of commenting on the design.)

Take a good look at the roof, keeping in mind that we get snow here. It's possible for two feet of snow to fall during a performance. Note the dip right over the doors.

Do you see the same thing I see?

It's a funnel.

There'll be a snow fortress at the edge of the apron in front of the doors. Amusing.

Interesting rain runoff distribution, too. One of these days when it's pouring, I'll have to visit the building and see how much water is pouring where. And how much it splashes, where.

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Chriz said...

I think I would look for a back door when the weather looks bad. Perhaps there is an escape hatch at the very top so they don't get snowed in.