Monday, June 09, 2008

1844 Mensa Jokes

Monday, June 9, 2008

[To strangers who wandered by - I number my posts, and this just happens to be post number 1844.]

Someone was trying to explain to a reporter some of the benefits s/he got out of being in Mensa. One of these benefits was finding people who appreciated the same kinds of humor. When the reporter inquired what kind of humor, the individual used this example:

"Rene Descartes was having a meal at a local restaurant. The waitress came by and asked, 'Would you like some dessert?' Descartes said, 'I think not' and suddenly disappeared."

The reporter just gave the Mensan a blank stare.

(This story about the Mensan and the reporter may or may not be true, but folks like to tell it, it is itself a joke, and that illustrates a second, and not very attractive, nya-nyah, level of Mensa humor.)


Update, 10/29/11 -

This particular post has been visited at least three times a week for the past three years by people all over the continent, most through a search for "Mensa jokes", and yet not one person has left a comment. Hey, no opinions? Are you looking for jokes BY Mensans, or ABOUT Mensans, or Mensa's favorite jokes? What? Why are you here?

I'll tell you a secret. Mensans like all jokes, but there are two types of jokes most Mensans especially appreciate: 1) very bad, painfully lame, puns, especially of a purile purient nature, and 2) any joke that most people don't "get" right away. They like the former because many Mensans tend to be unsophisticated and juvenile, and the latter because "getting" it gives them a feeling of superiority.

By the way, it would never occur to the average Mensan that a blank look doesn't necessarily mean the other person didn't get the joke, but means that they didn't think it was funny. A very large proportion of Mensans are Aspies, who generally have difficulty reading facial expressions, and interpreting the reactions and thinking of others.

(Also by the way, I am qualified to make these observations because I am a life member of Mensa, have been very active in the local group, have attended many national and regional gatherings, and am also a member of Intertel. But I do see the warts. I am not one who thinks high scores are proof of superiority. I do not drink the Kool-Aid. So, you might ask, if I have such a low opinion of Mensa in general, why do I belong? Because most local groups are small, take interesting field trips, have good speakers, and despite my annoyance with many Mensans, in any group of eight there will be two who are interesting, thoughtful, informative, and fun. Ease in finding them makes it all worth it.)


Anonymous said...

I found it very funny and i did'nt think...

Lila said...

I was googling "Mensa jokes" to post in our local Mensa FB group. That's why I was here. Thought you'd like to know, because of your update and everything.

Stanley Workman said...

You're all right, and I have been wrong.

I will now stand beside you, in Society.

I will assume my role.

Nikola Tesla
Martin Luther
Robin Hood
Jimi Hendricks
Harry Houdini
Sarah Bernhardt
Joan of Ark
Marquis deSade
Johnny Appleseed

I will also take my Meds.

Marc Breed
America's Fetish Photographer

Anonymous said...

I just got lost watching Sabrina 2016 'Null Infinity' on Youtube so decided to search for a Mensa joke .... with an explanation.

Mat Waites said...

I got here by searching for jokes that Mensans find funny. I was thinking of joining Mensa and I'd like to know what the members are like.