Saturday, April 23, 2011

3227 Due Date

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The fly that doesn’t want to be swatted is most secure when it lands on the fly-swatter.
-- G. C. Lichtenberg --


Today is Daughter's due date, but there doesn't seem to be anything happening other than that Baby has dropped and is head-down. On the other hand, I suspect she'll do the same thing I did when I was expecting her - keep quiet and delay going until the last minute. That way there's a lot less "helpful intervention".

They want me to drive them to the hospital with Fred, the van, because of the dropped floor and large open space in the body, so she can lie down. I've cleared out all the empty boxes in there that were to go back to the old house for reuse, swept the floor, covered the floor with a blanket, and laid out a folding foam "spare bed" in there. I put the EZPass (for automatic toll payment) in Fred, filled his gas tank, and made sure the GPS was plugged in. And I packed a little bag with my knitting, a book, a camera, toiletries, and so on for myself, just in case.

I'm not too happy about the fact that she (and probably Hercules) won't be belted in, but I guess that's the least of their worries. I do have belts that lock into slots in the floor for tying down a wheelchair, that could be criss-crossed over her, but I can guarantee she won't want them.

So, we wait.


Badass Nature Girl said...

On pins and needles!

Becs said...

The waiting is the hardest part. That's what Tom Petty says.