Thursday, April 21, 2011

3225 Local urologist visit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The past belongs to those who control the present.
-- George Orwell --


Good news: He says we can probably blast the stone to break it up, and the stent can be removed in his office with local anesthesia.

Middlin' news: He wants another urine culture, CT scan, blood panel, and abdominal x-ray, then I'll see him again in two weeks. (Two weeks?)

Middlin' to bad news: It might be a few weeks, perhaps three or four, before I get the stent out.

Horrendous news: No sex until the stent is out!



As I was leaving, the receptionist was giving me the scripts for the tests, and advice on where to have the tests done, and she asked if I had any questions. I said yes, uh, can I have sex with the stent in? She seemed startled, said she didn't know, and said she'd ask the nurse. She whispered to the nurse, who looked startled, and said she didn't know, but she'd ask the doctor.

The nurse came back and said, "In answer to your question, no", and at that moment the doctor came out to give some stuff to the receptionist. He was standing next to me at the counter when the nurse said no. He didn't look at me when I turned to him, but he was grinning. I said to him, "No?! This thing has got to come out pretty darn quick, then!", and hit him on the arm with my Readers' Digest.

He cracked up.

(I'm just a wee tad insulted that the nurses looked startled at my question.)

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Badass Nature Girl said...

Don't be insulted, I think most people are way too uncomfortable with that thing in to even THINK about having sex, so they probably don't get asked that much. Glad to hear it went well, just wish it would be done faster for you!