Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3224 More conspiracy theory

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On abstract art: The subject is limited, and there's no emotional connection.


Wow! Companies are hiring! 60% of employers report that they plan to hire this year, and almost none plan layoffs. The economy is in danger of improving. (Much of this is due to a little-known initiative of the Obama administration last year which allows writeoff of capital equipment. Republicans were solidly against it, and now they're claiming credit for it. Oh, well. To be expected.)

However, now we have a panic. We can't allow the economy to improve while the beige man is in the White House! Oh, my, what to do? Hey, great idea! Whisper a few words to our friends and raise the price of oil! That'll do it! And with the disruption in the middle east and the growth in China, no one will ever blame it on us!

Snork snork....

(Think I'm blowing smoke? I'm not. I'm perfectly serious.)


I took many pounds of paper that I brought from the old house to the recycle center today. It felt good.

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