Saturday, April 23, 2011

3229 I'm yelling at Dr. House.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

“Time is like a sausage skin. It has no set length of its own.
How long or short it is depends on what it’s filled with.”
-- Silk --


The writers for House were lazy for the December 28, 2004, "Fidelity" episode.

House just said that for a glioma causing the woman's seizures to NOT show up on a scan, "it must be smaller than a grain of sand."

Bull poopy. The scans are slices. There's space between the slices. Jay's first scan after his first seizure showed a glowing white spot with sharp edges, only 1 cm wide, and the doctors were amazed that the scan caught it at all, because if the scan slices had been to either side of it, it wouldn't have shown up at all. One centimeter is much larger than a grain of sand.

Then seconds later, House said that it couldn't be Lyme Disease, because Lyme "always shows up with a rash, and her husband wouldn't have missed that." Um, not everyone gets the rash, many people don't, and even if you do sometimes it's very mild and could be hidden in a fold of skin, and it also depends on what strain of Lyme you get, and even if there was a bulls eye rash, sometimes the symptoms of a problem don't show up for ages, and the rash could have been forgotten....

Bad writers! You just tried to make it easy on yourselves!

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