Friday, July 23, 2010

3034 Dross

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency."
-- Raymond Chandler --


I haven't been here since Tuesday? Wow. I wonder why. I really don't know.


My feet are black. Wednesday we had rain, heavy, downpour, deluge. I had to go to the CVS and the post office, so when the rain slowed down to a shower, I went. Got to the CVS parking lot, and the skies opened again.

I sat in the car for a long time. I had an umbrella, but the wind would have destroyed it. Finally it slowed down again, and I got out of the car. The water was flowing across the lot, deep and fast. It had waves. It was up to my ankle bones, no exaggeration. I was wearing 2" heel black sandals, made of some composition crap that looks sort of velvety. It thought it would be ok to get them wet. Nope. They bled on my feet.

My two outside toes are black. My soles are black. It got under the toenails, so my toenails are rimmed in black. I was able to scrub it off my insteps, but the heels and toes, and especially the toenails, are still black. I even tried soaking them in the tub and scrubbing with stiff nail brushes.


Piper's daughter Meg is in town, and she wants to have dinner (she, Piper, me, and a visiting cousin) on the covered patio of a local riverside hotel either tonight or Saturday. Piper is resistant. Chelsea Clinton's wedding is on an estate about two miles upriver on the 31st, and he thinks it will be a madhouse at the hotel this weekend. We think he's nuts. The wedding is a whole week away.


It's easy to tell that I spend too much time on the internet.

Various TV shows show viral clips. The news has been showing that 11-year-old girl with the unbelievably foul mouth, and her breakdown after being bullied online. Her father chimes in, in a second video. His catchline, also gone viral, is "Consequences will never be the same!"

The Bonnie Hunt show always has a cute animal clip at the end. Yesterday's was a happy puppy discovering deep snow.

Last night Jimmy Kimmel had the "double rainbow guy" on as a guest. On the clip, he sounds high as a kite. "Whoa! What does this meeeeean!"

I'd already seen all four video clips.

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