Sunday, July 18, 2010

3030 The Foster Thing

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The higher the buildings, the lower the morals."
-- Noel Coward --


I looked David Foster Wallace up on the internet, and maybe that analysis, that my writing is in his style, was correct. His style included irony, long multi-clause sentences, extravagant asides and footnotes. He liked to break up the flow of the narrative without distracting from the goal.

Yeah, ok, the long multi-clause sentences certainly fits, and the asides. Sometimes I look at what I wrote, and think, "That should be three sentences", and I shrug and leave it, because that's the way I talk. And all the parenthetical asides, sometimes they embarrass me, but whatever is in the parentheses isn't really a part of the sentence, but needs to be there in that particular spot, so what else can I do?** Again, it's the way I talk. I do believe people should write they way they talk, unless they're after a particular other effect.

So there.


** Ahah! Long multi-clause sentence!
Hmmm. I notice I also write multi-topic paragraphs.


Becs said...

Somebody's been playing with her again, hasn't she?

~~Silk said...

Nope. Don't even know what that is. Actually, after your post I had to look up A.C.C. to see what wikipedia had to say about his writing style (nothing), and it mentioned Pantheism, so I looked that up, and then Taoism, and thought, yeah, that's a large part of it.

Becs said... has a test that asks you a bunch of general questions and then gives you a label for your religious beliefs. It's an interesting thing. And always labels me as something like a unitarian universalist, which doesn't suit me at all. Hmm.