Friday, April 10, 2009

2352 Observations on panties, which concern may not matter any more anyway, since it's possible no one but me will ever see them again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful almost warm day today. I had hoped I'd be able to see Daughter, I was about 50 minutes from her home this morning, but she was not only working, but working late.

Last night with The Man was nice, but I finally dumped a load of what every man dreads - "relationship talk" - on him. That'll teach him to spend concentrated time alone with me!

We'll see what happens. He's too old for me to change him, and I'm too old for him to change me, and that's a good reason not to complain about little things. All it does is create resentment. You have to decide for yourself whether you can cope with or ignore the little things that annoy or anger you and mostly keep your mouth shut.

On the other hand, I can change me, and he can change him. So in fairness to the other person, when there are important issues, things that may eventually cause the demise of the relationship, they do need to be brought up, so the other person can decide for themselves whether they want to do anything about it. They shouldn't be seen as just complaints. (I'm sure he has no idea how much I haven't brought up, how little I've complained about.)

We'll see what happens.


I looked at my panty supply the other day, and realized I wear granny panties.
I hate thongs. They hurt. The narrow part goes right through a sensitive area, and RUBS!
I hate bikinis. The elastic comes right to the fold in my tummy and that's annoying.
I dislike the panties that are high cut at the legs, because if they're tight they make the bottom of my backside lumpy, and if they're loose they eventually end up bunched in the crack.
I hate the "boy shorts" because they don't rise high enough, and eventually end up folded down under my tummy.
Why don't comfortable but sexy underpants exist? We shouldn't have to keep pulling at our panties all the time! Who designs these things, anyway? They're not made for real women, that's for sure.
Why can't I wear boxer shorts? Oh, yeah, they're not sexy. May as well keep my grannies. Besides, the booty-exposing feminine version of mini-boxers bunch up in slacks.
Have you noticed that everything that's sexy (stilletto heels, thongs, short skirts, tight dresses, etc.) is hellaciously uncomfortable or requires constant adjustment?

So I found and bought some new panties that are sorta like my tried and true grannies, but at least they're lacy. They arrived today, and within minutes I remembered why I don't have lace panties.

Lace itches!

I'm about ready to go commando. It's comfortable (except in jeans), and sexy. Just means I have to do laundry more often.

I am a slave to my closet.


Anonymous said...

Why is it when you try to talk to men about the relationship, do they always define it as "complaining" and get on the defense? Don't they understand that women just want the current relationship to be better.

Becs said...

I'm going to leave the relationship stuff alone. I am hardly qualified to comment at this point.

Luckily, the only unders that work for me are Fruit of the Loom high-cuts. But they do indeed work and I stock up on them whenever I find them.

I did, once upon a time, find some lace-edge cotton panties that were comfortable because the lace was made of cotton.

Sexy things are uncomfortable because they are never destined to stay on that long.

And if you find yourself in the neighborhood again, give me a call and we'll go to Oak Tree Road. :)

~~Silk said...

Becs - I tried to email you, but the email address I have for you doesn't seem to be working, so I hope you see this here.

I thought of calling you yesterday when I found myself at loose ends, but it would have been short notice, so I was reluctant. I have an idea - I will be attending Rakkasah Spring Caravan at the Ukrainian Cultural Center on Davidson Avenue in Somerset, on Saturday, May 2 (

You might enjoy, if not the dancers (one after another for two and a half days), the bazaar. A hundred or so purveyors of middle eastern "stuff". If you enjoy window shopping, it's fun.

I'll treat you to lunch at my hotel (wherever I'm staying, not sure yet) and we'll spend the day at the Caravan. There's a group dancing at about 7:30 pm that I have to see. The rest of the day is pretty loose.

I'll check with you again closer to the date.

Becs said...

Girl, we'll do it. I thought I had my email address in my blog profile. But it sounds very cool.

You have my phone #, yes?