Monday, April 06, 2009

2345 Sissy Bits

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, the local M3nsa newsletter arrived a few days ago, and I read it yesterday. The 0mbudsman position is shown as open in the officers list, and there's a call for volunteers for 0mbudsman and treasurer. Nice of the board to let me know that my resignation had been accepted.


The Man teases me that most of my friends are homosexual - outright, closet, bi, or unaware. He may be right. I am completely totally absolutely exclusively hetero, but I can understand other orientations. I can even understand cross-dressing. When I wear clodhoppers, loose jeans, and a t-shirt under a flannel shirt, I do feel more strong and capable than in a phoofy dress. The least bit of lace softens the way I feel as much as the way I look, and sometimes I want to feel harder. So I can understand where even a completely hetero man might like to try silk and ribbons and lace occasionally to feel softer and less pressured. And maybe intensify it with a little role play.

(Jay was and The Man is about as masculine as you can get, and both enjoy a bubble bath. Pardon me while I giggle.)

What I don't quite understand is mixing homosexuality with cross-dressing. I mean, if I wanted a woman, it seems like I'd want a woman, not a pretend man, and if I were a man who wanted a man, I wouldn't want a pretend woman. I find that all very confusing.

I guess that's part of being completely totally absolutely exclusively hetero. I assume that if a man wanted a man, he'd want the same thing I want, because that's so wonderful.

If you want to see some interesting stuff, search for "sissy" in the clothing category on eBay. Apparently that's the code word. I bought a sissy teddy a while ago on eBay, before I knew what it meant (yeah, the fit proportions were way off), and the purchase led to some interesting correspondence and product offers. Part of the confusion was that I'm still using Jay's email id.


My knee feels a bit better today. The whatever-it-is has moved to below the bottom edge of the left kneecap, and it bites me only occasionally.

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