Sunday, April 05, 2009

2343 Hurting

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I hurt today.

I have a headache above my right eyebrow.

There's an ache under the left side of my jawbone.

My lower back aches.

The biggest hurt is my knee. Last night when I was walking to the kitchen, my right knee bit me, just once. Then the left knee started biting (lower part of the bulge on the inner side) randomly. It seems to happen when the leg straightens behind me at the end of a step, but not consistently. It doesn't happen at all if I go up on my toes to walk. It's scary beyond the hurt, because I jerk when it bites, and I'm afraid I might fall. I suspect it's muscle/tendon rather than joint/ligament, and that's why going up on my toes "fixes" it.

Mother is not happy today.


Correction to the previous post - the shooter worked for The Company for a short time in the early '90s. The company that laid him off was a vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

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