Sunday, July 20, 2014

3965 Three examples of "Duh!"

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Overheard a conversation across the street.  Apparently the neighbor has a "boa constructor".  I had an immediate mental image of an elf stringing feathers.


I had mentioned that the fuel service for the country house reported that they were unable to make the spring oil delivery because the tank was still full of December's oil, which means the country house had NO HEAT all winter!  What with medical problems and a bad winter, I hadn't been to the house since last summer.

I freaked a little.  Only a little because the well pump had been turned off, so it's not like the house would have filled with water if a pipe had burst, and I had left several faucets open so the danger of bursting was low, but still I had no idea what damage could have occurred.  There were containers of liquids, you know, who knows what might have happened.  I didn't know what might be wrong with the furnace.  And I shuddered to think about the spiders and mice having taken over completely, and the yellow jackets.....

So I made an exploratory trip.  I worried all the way up the highways.

Nothing is wrong. The place looked great.  It even smelled good.  The lawn looks wonderful. The porch is not full of wasp nests.  There's no mouse poop in the kitchen and they didn't move into my bed or furniture.  Everything is exactly as I left it.  I didn't try turning the water on, so there's still a possibility of  leaking pipes somewhere, but I can check that later and handle it as needed.

There's not even anything wrong with the furnace.  I don't know why I did it, but apparently last summer I had turned the furnace off at the thermostat.  Duh.

I'm so happy.


You need to see this video.  It's so cute!  It's kind of blah at the beginning, but the end is perfect. You need to watch from the beginning to fully understand the effort the gray cat had put in.  Kitty treats are stored in the top drawer, and the kitties are determined to get them.  The sound doesn't need to be high, but you DO need to be able to hear the music.  (I swear the gray cat called the other an idiot.)


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Becs said...

Good news about the country house.

And I don't read Japanese but the cats say it all in their expressions and actions.