Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3966 They're after me?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am not one of those people who stick a little finger out to catch the turn signal as I turn the steering wheel.  I mean, why bother, if you don't signal a turn until you are actually IN the turn?  I signal just before I slow down to make the turn, you know, like to let anyone behind me know what's coming up next.

Three times in the past two weeks I signaled a left turn, slowed down, started the turn, AND SOME IDIOT SCREAMED PAST ME ON THE LEFT!

This afternoon it was as I was turning into my own driveway.  This is a narrow residential dead-end.  I had signaled about four houses up. I pressed the button to open the garage door about that same time.  The speed limit is 25.  I had slowed down to make the tight turn into the driveway, had started the turn, and wham!  There was a car passing me.

Third time similar situation in just two weeks.  And every single time it was a huge SUV.  White one today.  End of last week it was a red one.

I left the car running after I pulled into the garage and checked the turn signals.  They're working.

I don't understand.

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Becs said...

These are among the many joys of living in Jersey, I'm sorry to say.