Saturday, June 25, 2011

3291 Home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee

Saturday, June 25, 2011

“... the error of the artisan who boasts of twenty years experience in his craft
while in fact he has only one year of experience - twenty times.”
-- Trevanian, Shibumi --


(I know that's supposed to be "jiggity-jig", but I'm feeling more like Scarlett these days.)

I'm back in the new house, got home around 10 pm last night. I didn't bring much back with me - all my CDs (but not yet the cabinet, so they'll be stacked along a wall for a while) and some summer clothes.

I awoke to find this today:
(The pink foil next to the broom is the pot. The black circle is a cork mat the pot had been on. The thing that looks like a ball next to the mat is a hyacinth bulb. The funny things in the back are drums.)

I don't know whether the rod fell on its own, or maybe Jasper got scared by something outside and pulled it down. I must have been tired because I swear I didn't hear a thing. The damp dirt was spread across the floor, and then tracked all over by little kitty feet. It's partially swept up in this photo.


Daughter brought The Nugget over for a visit this morning, because they're going to Pa. for the weekend, and I hadn't seen Nugget since Tuesday. She's changed already! Her face was round, now it's more square. It got longer.

She's very social. Very strong eye contact. It's obvious she's trying to communicate with little hoots and kicks and arm-waving, and she shows her appreciation for your attention with the most beautiful sunny smiles.


A woman I sorta almost but not quite know wrote a "complaint" for the New York Times Complaint Box,, about how annoying it is when people ask her why she doesn't have children. I like this, from one of the commenters:
... "Why, in a country so rich in diversity and differences, in a land where contrasts and distinctions are rejoiced and applauded, do child-free people still have to make excuses..." Because the sad truth is that Americans celebrate sameness not diversity, homogeneity not differences and imitation, not originality. Examples of intolerance, unwillingness to accept differences of religion, skin color, life-style, ethnicity, and speech are everywhere and increasing each day. Our self-aggrandizing celebration of diversity is just another feel-good myth together with "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", "Liberty and justice for all", and "Without regard for race, creed and color" that Americans toss around in a pathetic effort to convince themselves of this nation's superiority.


Oh, yeah. Especially that last sentence.

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