Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

“Ever try to order the panda at Panda Express? Boy, those people need to get a sense of humor.” -- André at --


Last Monday I walked all over the nearby business district (and the neighborhoods on the way there and back) in an ankle-length, brown, yellow, and orange gauze dress with a full skirt. I usually wear that dress (any dress) without a slip. Slips are hot. No breeze. Defeats the purpose of gauze.

It was Oprah who started this "no slip" business many years ago. On her show one day she said that her "people" had wanted her to put on a slip with her dress, because "you can see through it". She refused, saying so what? All anyone can see is the shadow, the shape, of her legs, and they'd see more if she were wearing shorts.

Women all over the country agreed and threw their slips away. Tucked them in the back of the drawer with the girdles, garters, stockings, pantihose, sanitary belts, camisoles, and underarm shields that no one wears any more.

(Man, when I think about all the undergarments we wore only 40 years ago...!)

When I look in the bedroom mirror in this dress, I see only the outline of my legs, and then only if there's a light behind me. Fine.

Today I put the dress on, looked in the mirror, nodded, went downstairs, and opened the front door. The bright morning light shone in. There's a mirror next to the door. I saw not only the outline of my legs, but also some spider veins. And some leg hair. And my underpants. I could tell my panties were black, and I could almost count the stitching in the embroidered rose. Ack!

Last Monday, starting out on our walk, Daughter had said, "Mom, that dress is pretty transparent. It needs a slip. [...pause...] Oh well. Some of my friends wear stuff like like that." (The implication being of course that SHE wouldn't.) I walked all over downtown displaying my panties. Ack!


I bought an eyeliner pencil. On the box it says, "Finished product not tested on animals."

Huh? What is one supposed to conclude from that?


Becs said...

Bunnies think eyeliner is over the top?

All the ingredients used to make it were tested on animals?

Hate to say this, but if it's a choice between me and a bunny going blind, I'd take the bunny.

little red said...

People have issues with products tested on animals. It's cruel and inhumane. Some people want to know that their beauty products were not tested on animals, for whatever reason. Cruelty-free, that kind of thing.

~~Silk said...

It wasn't the "not tested" part that I was commenting on - it was the "finished product" part. The finished product is the pencil in the box. So that statement says that no rabbit or piglet used my actual pencil before it was sent to me.

However, it does not say, or even imply, that a sample of the lead from the vat was not tested on animals. They want you to conclude that from the statement, but it cleverly and legally does not say that.