Thursday, June 23, 2011

3288 Finally upriver again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It is the great flaw of equality ... that everyone believes that
only [he] know[s] what is best for the others.
-- Alex Haley, Queen --


I arrived at the old house early last evening, after stopping at the diner in the village for dinner. I had intended to visit Piper, but his office was closed and dark when I passed at 5:30, so I probably just missed him.

The minute I walked into the house, I got a discouragement headache. There's so much stuff here! I never know where to start. The Hunk has parked his dump trailer (it's so cool - it's a regular trailer, but it has a hydraulic lift on the front, so it dumps) in the driveway so I can fill it with stuff he'll take to the dump for me.

Today I want to visit Piper and then go to my favorite car guys and ask if they'll come get Suzie and tow her to their shop. I think a mouse has chewed into the heating system or something, because smoke billowed into the car the last time I started her, which was back in March, or maybe February - the last time I was able to get up here and get through the snow to get her door open.

A task for today is to locate the titles for the three vehicles, so I can get them registered in NJ. I haven't been diligent about filing, so that search alone could take some time.

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