Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3287 Heating up

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We see the world not as it is, but as we are.


I have been lax about updating here, not because I'm busy, or because nothing's happening, but because my internet connection goes down about every half hour, which makes it awfully hard to get anything at all done, let alone the lower priority stuff.

This morning I got a popup when I tried to connect saying that Novell wanted to do a "firmware update" to my modem --- with a stern warning that any interruption of the update could severely damage the modem. Uh, ok. That explains why it's been so unreliable lately. It needs an update to be compatible with the other end? So I clicked "Ok". The connection hadn't actually been made, but I figured the updater ought to be able to figure that out and make the connection, right?

Yeah, sure. It got halfway through the update and couldn't connect. No kidding. That's what has been the problem the past few days. Can't connect or won't stay connected. Duh. Catch 22.

So it failed.

Scared me half to death.

But then after I restarted the system, I was able to connect. Modem not dead. Halleluiah.

I got the "update now" message again this evening, after about the fifth bounce, and this time it actually worked.


Daughter, Nugget, and I walked into ... gee, I don't know what to call things around here. Out there in the country you've got actual villages and towns. Around here it all runs together, there's residential neighborhoods, businesses along the highways, and, uh, clumps of "main street shops" kind of things, sort of like once upon a time when this was countryside, it used to be a village and that was the "downtown". Well, we walked into the downtown. There was a Thai restaurant she wanted to have lunch at, and a new salon that might do a better job on my hair.

We walked. I had the best Pad Thai ever. I got about an inch cut off my hair, and I'm really happy with it now. The back is finally exactly the way I want it. Then we walked back. I checked it on the map, and it was 1.9 miles out and 1.9 miles back, so after avoiding walking as much as possible for the past month, my first excursion was four miles in rubber flip-flops, and I had no problem at all then or today.

I need to get up to the old house. Maybe tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of this blog, if you count the original on the now-defunct AOL Journals. I go back and read the old stuff occasionally, and I no longer recognize that person. She seemed smarter and more passionate then.


the queen said...

It's okay. I was funnier back then.
And, since you are using the term "modem" I must ask, your phone plan doesn't have call waiting, does it? Because that won't work with a modem.

~~Silk said...

I used "modem" because that's what the Novell message called it. It's a little USB plugin that gives me access anywhere I have cell phone reception. I like it because it's like having my own WIFI everywhere I travel. It's a separate billing from my cell, and I'm grandfathered into nationwide coverage and unlimited data transfers.

little red said...

My cable internet connection also uses a modem. That's what the cable company calls it anyway.