Sunday, October 31, 2010

3146 Hallowe'en scaredy-cat

Sunday, October 31, 2010

When you bite the golden apple,
watch out for the golden worm at its core.


It's just a hair after 1 pm, and trick-or-treaters are coming around. A few. With adults. They seem to be going to particular houses, though. Not others. Not mine. I don't know whether it's a preview for relatives and friends, or that they just go to houses that are decorated. Oh, well. The bags of yummies I bought are Wise, not an off brand, and I already ate a bag of popcorn. So if I've got leftovers, I don't mind.


Jasper may be the most timid cat in the world (well, probably third to Schmeck and Poli, Daughter and Hercules' cats). He's still not settled in. I'm sure he recognizes the living room rug, and the hall runner, he rolled around on them to show his approval. But every time he rounds a corner and sees a broom, or a stepladder, or a bucket, he startles.

He's spending most of his time in the bedroom. He has used the litter boxes (one up, one down), but hasn't eaten, not even his favorite canned stuff, and as far as I know he hasn't tasted the water. I had made sure to bring his old water dish from NY, and he has rubbed his cheeks on it, but won't drink. Not when I'm looking, anyway.

He slept on the bed with me last night, and woke me about once an hour all night, with a cold nose on my cheek, paw pats on my arm, tickley whiskers on my eyelids. He needs constant reassurance.

I'm afraid to start the washing machine. That'll totally freak him out!


Later: Yikes! It's a few minutes after 2 pm, and I've already handed out 1/3 of the goodies! Jasper has locked himself into the upstairs bathroom.

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