Saturday, October 30, 2010

3145 Jasper has moved!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

You can’t prevent what you can’t predict.


I brought Jasper to the NJ house with me today. I gave him the sedative from the vet. He was still very vocally unhappy and bloodied a paw on the carrier door, but at least we didn't have the slobber and seizure of the last car trip.

He has explored the new house a little, but he's still a little unsteady on his legs, so he seems to be content to sleep it off in the corner of the downstairs bathroom. I took him upstairs to show him my bedroom. He recognized the spread as the mate of the one he used to sleep on in the back bedroom in NY, purred loudly, kneaded it, and rolled around on it.

Even if the house is strange, I think he approves of the bed.

Having brought him to NJ, I can now spend more time here. Five or six days here and one or two days a week in NY should get stuff done. I think Jasper will be happier with that arrangement, too.

Daughter and Hercules left yesterday for Europe, a sudden business trip (yes, they left during that "suspicious cargo" airport mess), so that was the other reason to bring Jasper down now. I'm taking care of their house, bringing in the mail, and feeding their three cats while they're away, so not having to run off north every two days makes that easier, less worry.

I also brought down the small kitchen TV. It has a slot for DVDs and a small antenna. I had hoped that being so close to a large metropolitan area I'd be able to pull some broadcast channels from the air.

Well, I've got what seems to be a PBS channel (weak signal, keeps cutting out), NBC (also weak), an Italian-language channel, a Spanish-language channel, and what seems to be the info channel for some city government. I am surprised that's all I'm getting.

I was sorta hoping for CBS - so I could watch Survivor, The Amazing Race, and The Big Bang Theory. I guess I'll have to break down and get basic cable. Bleck.

On the drive down, I discovered that my GPS had somehow gotten wiped. All my favorites locations are gone, the simpery lady voice is back, it's been reset to factory everything. I am unhappy about that.

Bed early tonight. The car is still packed. I'll unload tomorrow.

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