Monday, October 25, 2010

3139 Whateverest?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Don’t believe everything you think.


Well, I feel better. I guess the "whatever" may have been just tired.


The TV just mentioned that "world's longest cat" again ( I'm getting tired of hearing about Guinness World records in general.

He's not necessarily the longest cat! He's just a big one with an attention-seeking owner who decided to get him onto the list, and herself on TV! Don't pretend there are no longer ones out there. You didn't even look!

Many of the "records" are just plain stupid, like "most people bouncing balls at one time" kind of stuff. I think they need to just stop that crap. And it most certainly is not news!

If they want to keep track of records, it should be stuff that cannot easily be beat - like fastest runner in a timed race, or oldest person on a government census. Or if they're doing smallest horse or longest cat, they should at least make an effort to verify that it IS the whateverest in the world, not just the whateverest that bothered to send them a letter.

So, they should list Stewie as "the longest cat whose owner contacted us", not "the longest in the world".

Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon. I've always thought the same thing about the "World Series" - world? Who are you kidding? And Miss America/World/Universe pageants. Hey, she's not necessarily the most beautiful woman in the country/world/universe. She's simply the "best" (in your opinion) of those who are so vain as to enter pageants. I think there are many more naturally beautiful women (inside as well as out) that never considered walking on your runway.

Snarl. Spit.

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Becs said...

Blue outstretches him by a mile. And in his younger and less-brittle days, so did Gus.