Thursday, August 19, 2010

3060 A lot of bull

Thursday, August 19, 2010

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.”
-- Nietzche --


If you were wondering why it's so difficult to get your mortgage modified, see this:



Anyone who watches TV news has probably seen the clip of the bull leaping into the stands at a bullring in Spain. 40 people were injured.

When I saw it, my reaction was "Go, Bull! Go!" I have no sympathy for the injured people. They were not exactly innocent. They were there to watch bulls get teased, tortured, and killed. They thought they would be safe in the stands.



That bull was a hero.

(Also apparently part cat.)


There's a woman who has an APR interview show, who does cover interesting topics, but drives me crazy with her delivery. I can't remember her name (I need to write stuff like that down) but if you've ever heard her, you'll know who I mean. She speaks very slowly, in a quavering voice, sounds like she's 110 years old, and most maddening, she pro noun ces ev er y syll a ble sep er ate ly a s i f ea ch syll a ble we re a sep er ate wo rd. (Note that even one syllable words are pronounced as two, with a stop in the middle, hence, "as if" becomes "a s i f".)

Anyway, her show today was about bedbugs. They are spreading everywhere, worldwide, and have become a serious problem. They are found in even the most expensive hotels and the most exclusive resorts. College kids are bringing them home from dorms. Business men are bringing them home from conferences. They climb into suitcases and you never even see them.

I've said before that I see some business opportunities, and I'm surprised no one has yet taken advantage. Given that airlines are now charging not only for checked baggage, but carry-on too (once one airline starts, all the rest will soon follow suit), and now given that you have a fair chance of bringing home bedbugs in your luggage, let's do away with luggage entirely. How about used clothing stores at airports, with rentals of nicer dressier stuff, and disposable paper clothing like we had in the '60s? Maybe a deposit on clothing, a portion of which is refunded when you return it at the end of your stay? (Bedbugs are unlikely to hitch rides in purses, laptop bags, and briefcases because they don't have odors that the bugs associate with the human body.) The stores would also stock mini versions of toiletries.

In most tourist areas, everybody knows you're a tourist anyway, so why not special clothing that says "temporary tourist togs", like scrubs say "hospital person"?

Right now, if your suitcase gets lost, it's usually very expensive to "pick up a few things"

The other business opportunity is more obvious and less risky. I never take a certain necklace with me on trips, much as I'd like to, because I'm not sure it would make it past security. How about a kiosk near the security check that stocks small boxes, tape, and labels, and will pack, weigh, and stamp the banned items for you, and you can drop it in a USPS drop box to mail it to your home - or to your destination if that's convenient? Something like the various shipping centers scattered around town. I think the airport ought to provide the space free or cheaply, as a service to the travelers (yeah, sure).


Mentioning toiletries above reminded me of a Jay story. He'd had a very bad bout of intracranial pressure, and had said nothing rational, but plenty irrational, in several days. His sister and I were in the bedroom talking, and one of us said something about toiletries. We heard his voice from the bed, "Those things are dangerous."

We, "What's dangerous?"

He, "Toiletries."

We, "Why are toiletries dangerous?"

He, "The fruit is really heavy."

Jay was back with us.


Later edit: ACK! The evening news report says bedbugs are showing up in movie theaters! They come out in the dark, so movie theaters are ideal homes, and people are sitting in the dark fully dressed, so they would unknowingly carry them home up a pant leg. Eek!


Becs said...

I watched the video. My head e'sploded. Are you happy now?

See? SEE? I told you the bank was up to some crazy hanky panky.

Those rat bastards are not to be trusted.

the queen said...

Diane Rheem. She had dysphonia and every once in a while goes to have treatment for it.

~~Silk said...

Yes! Diane Rehm is the name! Even though her delivery frustrates me (and now that I know why, it won't any more) I listen to her show when it's on, because her topics are interesting, she has the right people on for the topic, and she asks the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I felt remorse for watching the bull video and screaming, "Go bull, GO, kill a bunch of those fuckers!"

I feel better now.