Sunday, August 15, 2010

3056 Cold!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Men don't live like humans. They live like bears with furniture".
-- Rita Rudner --


I'm FREEZING! It's mid-August and I'm freezing.

Last night the thermostat said it was 76 F in the house, but I was freezing. It felt more like 56.

Today it's 72 in the house and 75 outside (at 1 pm), and I'm cold again. Bundling up doesn't help my nose and fingers. I'm wearing jeans, and my thighs are shivering.

I need to move someplace warm. I don't mind warm. I don't mind hot. I don't even mind humidity. I hate cold!

Maybe it's the low-fat diet. Does that mean if I stay in the northeast I get to be uncomfortably fat but comfortably warm, or comfortably slimmer but uncomfortably cold? Are those really my choices?

I need someplace warm.


Anonymous said...

I keep my house at 68F when possible. I don't do hot. It might be my layer of blubber or it might be that I was intended to be a penguin and got stuck in a human body. I do like fish so maybe....

Get your hemoglobin level checked. Iron deficient people are always cold.


Becs said...

Reynaud's syndrome?