Saturday, May 09, 2009

2390 Bullies 2

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm beginning to worry about my memory.

I wrote the previous post right after reading the "Shoebox" snipe at Hasselhoff. What I had forgotten was something I had come across earlier in the day, that set me up to be in no mood for that kind of nastiness.

Someone somewhere on the internet had mentioned some guy, Chris, who posts incredibly TMI video clips on YouTube. I picked up that tag end of yarn, and followed it, and ended up thoroughly disgusted - not with the poor fool himself, but with the wolves who have descended on him and are torturing him. In my opinion it's completely out of hand, and if it's not illegal, it should be.

Chris is mentally disabled in some way. He's a 27-year-old virgin who lives with his parents, and collects disability. He is fascinated by Star Trek, and draws an online comic strip with characters that are a blend of Sonic Hedgehog and Pokemon. He is in search of a boyfriend-free girl (all the women he meets already have boyfriends) to be his girlfriend, so maybe they can lose their virginities together.

Somehow a group of trolls have discovered him, and have set out to make him miserable. They get their jollies by setting him up and encouraging him to make a fool of himself.

They have fed him online girlfriends, who then encourage him to do debasing things and "show me" stuff - which he happily does, and posts on YouTube. They record telephone conversations with the bogus girlfriend, in which, of course, he is encouraged to say outrageous things, and then they post transcripts of his side of the conversations.

That might be illegal.

When he discovers he's been set up, where most of us would keep a low profile for a while, Chris videos his outrage, and posts it on YouTube, which is to his tormentors like the scent of blood. (Actually, the picture in my head is of them masturbating to it. They are probably every bit as unsuccessful in love and life as Chris is. Otherwise, you'd think they had better things to do.)

They are more immature than he is. I'd like to castrate the whole bunch of them.

That's definitely illegal.

I've tried to track them down, and can't. Unlike the openness and honesty of their victim, they hide and snipe from deep cover. I did find out where their internet personnas hang out, at, a disgusting website devoted to that kind of activity. Which doesn't seem to allow outraged non-members to comment.

I'd like to form a citizen's posse to give them some justice, or drag them to justice, whichever works. But I don't think I or anyone I know is mean and nasty and cruel enough to do a good job of it.


Wondering Woman said...

That is so depressing. Reminds me of the odd-person-out we tormented in junior high that I'm now incredibly sorry about, except worse. Humans, but some of us just barely.

Herrad said...


What sad people!

Hope the poor victim can lose his tormentors.

People li ke that nrrd to be shut out.