Friday, May 01, 2009

2382 Tired

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm very something today, but I'm not sure what. Either depressed or tired, I guess. There were two jobs I've been putting off all week and had to get done by the end of today, and I don't think I'm going to get to either.

One task requires a hunk of paper that never leaves the little desk in the living room. The hunk of paper is gone. I've looked everywhere it could be, and it's gone. I don't understand. I wish Jasper spoke english.

The other requires that the weeds in the side flower bed be dead. I've sprayed them with Roundup three times over the past five days and they are not only still alive, they're flourishing. I don't want to leave any bits of live root there when I put the flowers in, or they'll all just come back, so digging and hoeing just isn't going to do it.

May is my favorite month, but there's no joy in Mudville tonight.


the queen said...

You put the hunk of paper someplace you see every day to be better reminded of it. Like the seat of the kitchen chair you have breakfast in, or your car seat.

Is it creeping charlie? I read that weed needs four doses of roundup.

~~Silk said...

I bow to Your Majesty! I looked up Creeping Charlie, and yes! that is what it is!

It's all through the woodsy part of the yard, and the spot I want to plant flowers is a damp shady area next to the front steps.

So another zap or two might do it?

Chriz said...

Roundup is really evil stuff. Make sure you dont plant anything edible there for the next year.