Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2362 Pushing boundaries

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mailed tax payments today, then stopped by Piper's office to ensure that the forms really were e-filed.

63 degrees F today, sunny, gentle breeze. I was amused by the variety of clothing choices in the village. My mechanic visited the post office in shorts. Several older women were wearing actual coats. Piper was wearing his usual cargo pants and a wool sweater, and a client who stopped in to see him while I was there was wearing a heavy wool walking suit. The guys (The Hunk and a young helper) working on my yard were in short-sleeved T-shirts. Me? I chose a fluttery India cotton long tulip skirt, sandals, and a lightweight scoop-necked long-sleeved knit top. And it was perfect.

Hairless Hunk thought he was finished cleaning up my yard, but I went out to look, and discovered that the posts defining the north boundary (the woods) seemed to have wandered around, and I'd lost about 15 feet of yard to undergrowth pushing in from the woods. So there was a 200 by (up to) 15 foot triangular section that he still had to clear and rake.

We remeasured today. He stuck some metal posts in to mark the boundary, but I pointed out that the drift will happen again, so we really need something more permanent.

Ta rah! When he had earlier cleared a clump of shrubs from down by the road, he had discovered a clutch of young maple trees. So he's going to transplant them along the lot line. If they live, they'll mark the line nicely, and in this area, there will always be lots more if we need them.

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