Friday, April 03, 2009

2341 Seller Setup Day

Friday, March 3, 2009

I spent almost the whole day exploring options for getting set up as an eBay seller, with PayPal, eBay, a listing template, and a photo host.

I decided to use Auctiva for the template and photos. Auctiva has a selection of like a thousand well-designed templates I can select from, I can upload photos to Auctiva, and they'll allow up to 25 photos in a listing --- and Auctiva is free.

I don't like the Auctiva checkout system. I've had some experience with that as a buyer, but it turns out I can turn that off in my listings.

Now I have to set up a photo area, if I can find an uncluttered spot somewhere in the house, and take some pictures. I'm going to start with the clothes that got packed away when I lost weight, or that I bought online and don't look good on me. I donated most of the weight-loss clothes, but there are things that were hardly or never worn (some even still have tags) that are packed away downstairs.

Oh, and books. I should probably start sorting and selling books. And shoes.

Maybe I should set up some kind of bookkeeping system, too.


Donna in AL said...

My sister-in-law was selling on Ebay but has now discovered Etsy. Have you shopped there? She said it is a lot cheaper to sell on Etsy than on Ebay. I do not shop or sell on either, just passing the info along.

~~Silk said...

Etsy is limited to handmade items, and as the FAQ says, "must be made by the seller". Crafting supplies and some vintage and "found" items are allowed, but they have to be in the handmade spirit.

When I get around to selling quilting squares and silk robes, I'll check Etsy out.

Sherry said...

I thoght you were going to make your belly dancing outfits and sell them on the internet.

~~Silk said...

Eventually dance costume stuff. First excess clothing, then robes (fast and easy and get rid of some of the fabric filling the basement) then the more labor-intensive costumes.