Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2333 Household Hints, sigh....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Way back when I lived in St. Louis, I was the editor of the New Neighbors' League newsletter (sorta like Welcome Wagon, but with luncheons).

I also wrote a small household hints column.

One spring, I included a gardening hint: "Having trouble differentiating between weeds and flowers in the flower bed? Grasp the suspect plant tightly at the base of the stem and tug. If it stays rooted, it's a weed. If it pulls out, it was a flower."

Believe it or not, at the next luncheon I was accosted at by at least three women who informed me angrily that my "hint" had devastated their flower beds.

They were serious, which I didn't realize until I had laughed and made it worse.

People don't always get my jokes.

I don't always understand how other people's minds work. Or don't work, as the case may be.

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