Friday, September 04, 2015

5003 My laziness knows no bounds

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Early morning cheerfulness can be extremely obnoxious."
-- William Feather --


I first tried PeaPod grocery service sometime last winter, I think, when it was cold and snowy and I was sick with a cold or something.  Now, since the closest grocery store has closed, I'm pretty much hooked on it.  I haven't been unhappy with anything they've delivered, except a few times when I didn't pay attention to the size of the product and was surprised when I got the giant size of something.  Otherwise, even the selections of produce and meat sent with my order have been good.  In fact, the meat and fresh veggies have been impressive.

The website is easy to use once you figure it out.  They save past orders, so you don't have to hunt for the items you like every time - just bring up your history and select from that for the regular stuff.  You do have to pay for delivery.  I think it might be about $7, but I'm not sure because ever since my first order they send me email coupon codes I can use for free delivery, so I rarely pay that, and if you select less popular delivery time windows, you can get a discount or even free.  You are expected to tip the driver, but that's your decision as to how much, and I'm more than happy to do it.  I just ask myself what it's worth to me not to have to traipse around the store, load and unload the cart, deal with the cashier, pack the car, drive home, and unload the car.  The driver is willing to carry the bags into the kitchen and even put the cold stuff away for you, but I always have them just put it on the porch.  

You can save the delivery charge and tip by picking up your order at the store.  I haven't tried that because as far as I'm concerned that defeats the purpose.  Also, they do take manufacturer's coupons.  You just give them to the driver and it's deducted from the bill.  Again, I don't bother with coupons.  My experience with coupon clipping is that they make me buy things I otherwise would not have bought.

I've always kept a shopping list on paper on the kitchen counter, adding things as I think of it, but PeaPod will keep a running cart list for you between visits, so that's where my shopping list is now.

Daughter snorked at me that the prices were probably higher.  I'd kept receipts from in-person shopping trips at various stores, and no, the prices are the same as I paid in person, with the usual minor difference you'd expect to see between stores.  PeaPod does have sale items clearly marked and recommended.

Something went wrong with this last order.  A quart container of yogurt burst, and the eggs were squashed.  I got credit for them, and the driver said to keep the eggs, there might be some unbroken ones I could use.  Well, the egg carton was a mess, yellow all over and limp and soggy with yogurt, but when I ran water over the mess in the sink, it turned out only the two end eggs were broken, and 10 were unbroken.  I got 10 free eggs.  Cool.

Oh, and the bags!  They don't over pack them, so you get a bunch of large, strong, plastic bags with handles.  You can give them to the driver on your next order for recycling, or you can keep them.  I love them.  I use them to move stuff from the old house to here, and to store stuff here, and just generally whatever.

So, if you have in your neighborhood, I highly recommend them.  Especially if you like being a hermit.

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Becs said...

I've used PeaPod and like them. I've also used the service where the grocery story packs my order and I pick it up. Perhaps it was just that particular store, but I wasn't happy with the produce. Now I've just stopped grocery shopping, period. I have no idea what I'm living off of. Panera spinach and artichoke quiche, I think.