Sunday, February 22, 2015

4015 Seat up, seat down

Sunday, February 22,  2015

"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none." 
-- Thomas Carlyle --


Toilet seat up or down has never been an issue in any house I've ever lived in, because I have one simple rule that is not open to compromise, and every person I have ever lived with has come to see the wisdom of that rule and agree with it.

The Rule:
1.  Except for when the toilet is in use, the lid is closed.
2.  The lid is always closed before flushing.

The advantages:
-  Not a temptation for small humans.
-  Not a water bowl or drowning pool for beasties.
-  No flush spray filling the air and settling on toothbrushes etc.
-  Seat available for sitting, drying feet, setting things down, whatever.
-  Neat and clean appearance.
-  The Rule requires the exact same effort from both sexes; no one can complain about feeling put upon or disrespected.

Plus there's something inherently ugly and distasteful about the sight of an open toilet glimpsed through a doorway.

I don't understand why the "seat up seat down" argument even exists.  it seems stupid when such a simple solution exists.


the queen said...

One word. Urgency.

~~Silk said...

IF that's a regular occurrence, then I assume that would dictate a lid up seat down policy.

little red said...

My bahroom us rather small and Ive come pretty darned close to dropping things into an open toilet on many occassions. I automatically close the lid every time I walk into the bathroom now for any other purpose.