Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4016 Hair

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My hair is getting long.  It's now to my mid-back.  Last summer it was so thick and shiny (ack! no spellcheck on the notebook pad whatever this thing is!).  For the last six months or so, it's been shedding heavily.  The long stuff is getting thin.  There's a lot of new baby hair near the scalp, but that's no help.  Hope, but no help.

People will say to just cut it short and then it will be thick again.

I DON'T WANT TO CUT IT!!!!  (Lying on floor and kicking heels.)

My hair is in excellent condition.  I don't have a single split end or shaft break on my entire head.  I've been so careful.  No heat, ever.  No French barettes.  No bare rubber bands.  No rollers.  No dyes.  No bobby pins.

I've always preferred my hair long, no bangs, and I figure now is my last chance to GO FOR IT!  I want to be able to sit on it before I die.  I want to be that old lady in the grocery store with the hair down to her ass and the hippie headband!


The one complaint I have about my hair is that it doesn't shine unless it's straight.   It has an odd texture, not wavy or curly or straight --- it crinkles.  No other word for it.  Seen against the sun, I have a corona.  So if I want it to look really nice, I have to straighten it somehow.

How, without heat?

I found a way.  Vacuum cleaner!

I sometimes dry it with the vacuum cleaner,  with the doflinky open for a gentle suction.  Not often, just for special occasions.  I happen to have a piece of hose extension that has never been used, so it's clean inside.  Does a great job getting from damp to smooth and dry, without heat.


the queen said...

Very interesting. I'd think that with long hair you'd have more chances to give the illusion of thickness, with braids and french twists and teasing.

~~Silk said...

I wish. Unfortunately braiding emphasizes thinning --- that skinny little string hanging down the back. I won't do anything that would damage it, so teasing is out. Actually it still looks ok worn loose, but if I keep on shedding at this rate, it won't for long. I'm going to go back to the vitamins and mineral supplements I used to take, before the kidney doctor told me to stop. Fish oil is unlikely to kill me, I bet!