Friday, April 04, 2014

3836 Facebook knows EVERYBODY!

Friday, April 4, 2014

So, I google some name, and I get a list of hits, and some distance down the list there will be an entry for a Facebook profile for that name.  But then when I click on it, more than half the time there's no person by that name on Facebook.  It looks a lot like somebody just fills in the name in a skeleton "hit".  Piss me off.

This evening I was reading about some animal caught in Texas that the local yokels have decided is a chupacabra, but other more reasonable people think is a hairless raccoon.  Which got me wondering, is there something called a hairless raccoon?  I mean like a breed, not just a sick bald 'coon?

So I googled "hairless raccoon", hoping for something like a wikipedia entry, and got this:

Hairless Raccoon
View the profiles of people named Hairless Raccoon on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Hairless Raccoon and others you may know. Facebook gives ...
Believe it or not, she is on Facebook, lives in Kentucky (why am I not surprised), and if you scroll down a bit you'll find a photo (actually, three).


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