Thursday, April 10, 2014

3837 Grease

Thursday, April 10, 2014

With my Amazon Prime membership, I've been watching free movies, mostly "classics" I'd never seen.  Today was "Grease".  Another blogger mentioned that she was rather proud that she'd never seen "Grease", and it occurred to me I hadn't seen it either, so I watched it this afternoon.  (I fast-forwarded through all the songs.)

So, ok.  Now I've seen it.  Duh.

Can anyone explain to me why, at the end, Sandy decided to ditch "Sandra Dee", and remake herself into a Cha Cha clone?  Danny liked her a LOT exactly as she was.  I can understand why Danny ditched the leather jacket, since it was Sandy that ran away from him and he felt he needed to win her back by winning her approval.  But all she had to do was flirt a little and he'd be all grateful that she wanted him back. There was no need for her to change.  If anything, that change would just increase the chance of his doing again what had annoyed her.

So why'd she do that?

I don't understand.


Anonymous said...

This movie came out the summer I turned 18 and it holds very special memories for that reason. I have seen it countless times.

I would assume that the ending is what it is because that is how the writer saw it at the time he or she was writing. I doubt it was given a lot of deep thought being light entertainment for the teen crowd of the time. I will never understand over thinking the situation of fictional characters.


Becs said...

Z, because that's part of the charm of fiction.

Silk, I understand your frustration. I had gathered this much from the previews and that's why I made an effort to never watch it. Thanks for sparing me 90 minutes of less-than-fabulous.

~~Silk said...

Yeah, more than once I've been accused of an inability to suspend disbelief.

Notice that I didn't complain about the car flying into the sky at the end. I figure that's allegorical. But you don't establish a character, and then have that character do something completely out of character for no reason whatsoever. Even fiction has rules!

Anonymous said...

As it turns out there is an explanation.