Thursday, July 25, 2013

3753 Making stuff

Thursday, July 25, 2013

God says, "Take what you want ... and pay for it." 
-- via a Stephen King character --


Last week  the Nugget and I made cookies.  Oatmeal chocolate chip.  Small lesson learned - leave the warm chocolate chips for when she's a little older.  Messy!  But yummy.

Today we made ice cream.  Well, technically ice milk, but it was good anyway. 
  • Fill a large ziplock bag with ice cubes, and add a lot of salt.
  • Fill a small ziplock bag with milk and zip it tight.  We used vanilla-flavored milk, which is already sweetened.  You can use chocolate, or you can chop up some fruit in it.  Whatever sounds good.
  • Put the small bag inside the big bag and zip it up tight.
  • Wrap the bags in a dishtowel, and put gloves on your little helper.
  • Shake the bag, a lot.  Squish it sometimes. The kid will probably get tired, but as long as she can do the first few and the final few shakes, she'll be satisfied that she! made the ice cream.
  • Check occasionally to see if it's thickened yet.
  • When you take the small bag out, be sure to dry it before opening it, so you don't get salt in the ice cream.
  • Dump into a bowl and enjoy.

Nugget's comment, "Too cold.  Put in mike-o-wabe, Amma."

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