Monday, July 22, 2013

3752 Damsels...

Monday, July 22, 2013

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."
--Peter Drucker--


I've bought a new laptop, and am trying to clean out my documents folder on the old, preparing to transfer to the new.  Sometime back in 2009 I found this little gem and tucked it away.  I don't know where it came from, and Google isn't finding it now, but here it is for your enlightenment before I erase it.  (I wonder why she can't find a job....)

I am no stranger in going to job interview and looking HR people in there eye. I been looking for work for over 15 months in Florida and I am retired military. As far as I can see is that the HR people have a limit who they can put on the hireing status. I dont have no special talent or any college degree but I must say I did put my life on the line for this country and the the thanks I get is we get in touch with you or we call you,why they just tell the truth and say WE ARE NOT GOING TO HIRE YOU AND QUICK THE BULLSHIT.I been threw to alot of shit in my military career and never had such a hard time with a higher ranking personnal telling me NO.

I have seen interviewers that have very gross manner they smell like cigarrets and blow their nose just in from of you. They have a coffee cup and a pet in their office.
I am well dress and with perfume and the first impression that I get is disrespect. The HR official feels like a god with his arrogant manners, let us face it I am one of the reasons he is behind that sit. Therefore, show me some respect if I reserve it. You do your job and I try to do my best as a begginer.

What I hate about interview's is the stupid questions that they ask you that dont pertain to the job. Like why did you chose our company to come to work. what can you bring this company. how do you answer questions like this?

I in my experience over many years I believe more than we like to think HR personal are to often power hungry. It is to often the HR people who are keeping the good people out and why most companies in America are doing so badly and don't have good workers. The hiring or advancement of management and their management stiles I have seen become a big issue over the last fifteen years as well. POWER, and the title does not always pay what you would think.
Yes, it was 100% serious.  Sigh.


I keep the trays under my outside potted plants full of water, especially in this heat.  That annoys Daughter because she thinks mosquitoes breed in them, but I do check, and I don't see wrigglers in there.  If I did, I'd just add olive oil.

Maybe it's because my yard is full of damselflies.  They eat mosquitoes.  You see them flitting from grass blade to grass blade all over the yard.  There's an occasional dragonfly, but not in the same quantity as the damselflies.

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rockygrace said...

Every military veteran my office ever hired turned out to be a nightmare. For what it's worth.