Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3656 Sandy, continued - she passes over

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stupidity fuels itself.
 -- The Man --


Ok.  I was "blogging the storm" on Monday, October 29, and my last entry was that the lights had flickered.  Then silence for the next eleven days.

I kept on "blogging", though, on paper.   These days I keep notes on everything.  Otherwise it never happened.

From my notes:
Mon, 10/29

2:20 pm - electricity out, switching to paper

2:30 pm - branches in the street

3:15 pm - wind is getting scary.  moaning and rushing and roaring sounds.  People are walking down the street toward the seawall.

3:20 pm - neighbor banged on my door, he's worried about the huge sweetgum tree in my back yard.  It's scaring me, too.

4:00 pm - videoed (is that a word?) the sweetgum.  It's actually twisting in a spiral in the wind, which means it's flexible, so I'm not as worried now.  If that were a brittle locust my roof would already be gone.


4:15 pm - people across the street hurriedly packed up the car and left.  Jasper is worried, glued to my ankle.  "Fix it, Mommy!"

5:05 pm - wind is N to S, flocks of birds flying E to W, don't seem too bothered by wind.  Just saw three kids, 12-14, walking down the street to the seawall.  Got out the candles.

5:10 pm - the wind is odd.  It's like there's a dome about 10' high over us.  Above that, the trees are thrashing wildly.  Below it, the air is still.  There's NO wind on my porch, for example, and the piles of leaves at the curb are undisturbed.

5:15 pm - folks 2 houses down loaded car and left.  I'd be afraid to leave now for fear roads would be blocked and I could go neither forward nor back.

5:25 pm - huge tree fell on house across street and two houses up.  Messed up their roof.  It's very dark.  Would be nice to just go to bed, but not alone....

6:10 pm - Daughter and Nugget are outside!  In street, talking with neighbors.  We still seem to have that ground-level protective dome, but trees are still dangerous.  Neighbor says waves are coming over seawall.

7:20 pm - many bright flashes low in the sky.  First thought was transformers, but then realized it's sheet lightening (cloud-to-cloud).

8:45 pm - where's the rain?  Lots predicted, but it's been no more than a drizzle.

10:15 pm - much quieter outside.

Midnight - asleep.  I slept in the opposite end of the house from the sweetgum.  Was surprised how quickly and easily I fell asleep and how soundly I slept.

Tues, 10/30
6:30 am - awake.  All quiet outside.  All done?

**to be continued, next post**

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