Friday, August 19, 2011

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Friday, August 19, 2011

A lot of people you hire with good paper education can't actually do the work you hire them for.
They learn while doing the job or they don't learn at all.


I want to see the movie "The Help" when it appears locally. When a movie is based on a book, I like to read the book first. Movies tell you what happened; books tell you why it happened. Anyway, I was a bit startled when I saw the color ads for the movie on TV. Startled because when I read the book, I "saw" the movie in my mind in black and white.

I don't know why I did that, but it is somehow appropriate.


I heard this on the radio, and it's SO true! "Government exists for the benefit of those in the government."


A friend recently said that her doctor says she's bipolar. Ya know, I suspect that's so, and I also suspect the friend already knew that. It fits. When she's up, time with her is a gigglefest. When she's up, she does get a bit impulsive, but she controls it well. When she's down, she beats herself up a bit, but it doesn't seem to last long, and she's still pleasant to others. External happenings don't seem to "bring on" either state. It's random. I think the diagnosis fits, and it's nice to have a name for it, and a starting place for leveling things out, or at least understanding what's happening. I say congratulations, and where do we go from here.

It reminded me of a close acquaintance of a few years back who made the same announcement, that her doctor finally came up with a diagnosis, that she's bipolar. I didn't have the same reaction then at all. Nope. There was no indication of any depression with her. She'd go along just fine for a little while, and then something would happen that annoyed her, usually problems with the job or boyfriend, and she'd go into a multi-month rage. She'd attack anyone who said anything to her that she interpreted as disrespectful, and when she was in that state, she saw EVERYTHING as disrespectful. She'd have major paranoia. Most people around her eventually learned to fear her, because her rage seemed to have no limits, no controls.

I'm not a psychiatrist, but even I know that's not a bipolar thing. But the doctors know only what she chooses to tell them, and she keeps her appointments only when she's not raging. And since her rages are, in her mind, completely justified, I suspect the doctors don't know.

So she was all happy because now with a label maybe they'd get her meds right. But she was a heavy (really heavy) marijuana user, and she never told any of her doctors about it. I'm sure that has to be taken into consideration when you're talking about dosages and stuff.

I wasn't happy about her announcement. I didn't see it as forward movement. Just another misdirection.


My furniture and "good" jewelry is almost entirely auction finds. Here's a photo catalog for an upcoming auction at the auction house where I got most of my stuff: That's not all of it. George usually just lists a small taste. Note the Thunderbird at the end. I suspect it will go for less than 8K.


little red said...

Mmm, bipolar. My dad is supposedly bipolar, and he used to have fits of rage as well, but not as many "ups" either. He'd go into deep depression for extended periods. He was locked up for observation once when he pounded his fist on the desk at a VA hospital. He's OK now on his medication, but he had to have a partial kidney removal and his liver function is very low. He's not well from the medication.

I personally believe that bipolar disorder can be controlled with mindfulness and meditation. People need to understand and be aware of their moods and they can absolutely control their own reactions to situations, even if they are having chemical imbalances. And proper diet and exercise also helps. I believe medication is over-prescribed, especially anti-depressants, and that people do not take responsibility for their own actions anymore. Oh, I'm bipolar, my kid has ADHD, etc... No, that's just an excuse to behave badly and not take responsibility for it. And feed yourself or your kid better and see your symptoms alleviated rather quickly.

Just my opinion. I don't believe in all of the medical hooey these days. TV makes people crazy.

~~Silk said...

Less important than meds or professional treatment is simply having a label, an accurate description, knowing what's going on. Then you can begin to address it. Like before I knew what my problem was, I thought I was simply badly broken, and that everyone else knew the rules and wouldn't tell me what they were. Having a box to put the broken pieces in finally allowed me to see all the pieces of me that did work.

the queen said...

Speaking of labels, there are 2 types, Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2. BP1 is the type my brother has. Delusional and paranoid, thank you very much. BP2 is the type Catherine Zeta Jones has. Mangeable.

~~Silk said...

Queen, thanks for that. I ended up at webMD, and there's even a third - mixed - where you have both depression and mania at the same time. Further, they said that anger can be part of depression. So, the woman I mentioned with the anger issues, she could very well be mixed. There was a short video that talked about anger in depression, and it did sound just like her, where she badly misreads things and then violently overreacts.

Becs said...

That is some tasty stuff in that catalog. I'm so glad I live far away and can't be tempted. Must keep reminding myself that I am in the "getting rid of" phase in my life and not the "have to have it" period.