Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3340 Earthquake!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Education does not produce intelligence; knowledge does not convey the means to use it intelligently.


I just felt my first earthquake. I've been in places where the news folks said we'd had earthquakes, but they must have been small because I never noticed. This time, my house moved a good half inch, and creaked a lot. Luckily I was leaning against the kitchen counter or I might have fallen.

It felt like a tractor trailer had hit the house, but there was no sound other than the creaking. I went outside, thinking there was something wrong with the house, like the roof fell off? Or a very big bird had hit it? Neighbors were outside up and down the street saying "Did you feel that?" and that's when I figured it out.

There must have been some very small movement or something for several minutes because even standing on the porch I felt a little dizzy.

Jasper is totally freaked. His fur is bushed, eyes are wild, and he won't let me anywhere near him.

Which reminds me, aren't dogs supposed to howl and stuff? Or is that just near the epicenter (which was between Charlotte and Richmond, Va., 5.8). If Jasper were a dog, I bet he'd be howling.

Whoa. It's a lot later now (about 25 minutes from quake) and I just felt another wave of nausea. Didn't feel any movement, though. Just a wave of dizzy.


the queen said...

Dogs poop. My dog pooped on your behalf.

little red said...

Frank said his dog got all crazy right about that time, but he didn't feel it. I felt it at my shop in Saugerties. The whole building I was in wobbled for a good 10 seconds. Ed didn't feel the quake in Kingston, but he said he felt dizzy and nauseous at the time.

~~Silk said...

Yeah, that was kind of weird, the dizziness and nausea. I think there were two aftershocks that I didn't feel as movement, but suddenly things didn't feel "right", know what I mean?

little red said...

I know what you mean. Ed asked if I felt weird. I didn't, but I felt the actual quake.

Becs said...

Yikes - and now it looks like Irene is going to fly right over your house.