Saturday, July 02, 2011

3296 Nugget Report

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat.
-- L. Long --


Yup. The kid definitely was not switched in the hospital. True to her mother's genes, she picks a long holiday weekend to get sick. She's got thrush. With her mother it was ear infections.

So her mother and I spent a portion of this afternoon trying to find gentian violet, the old tried-and-true topical cure. NO drug or herbal stores around here seem to carry it, although they all are willing to order it, "...will be here Tuesday". Tuesday will be too late.

All the drug stores were going to close early, so at 4:45 Daughter was on the phone to the doctor's covering service to get a prescription called in so we could pick it up today.

After all that, after we got home, I suddenly realized that on my last trip upriver I had cleaned out the medicine cabinets at the old house, and I'll bet I have at least two unopened bottles of gentian violet in the "to be unpacked" boxes upstairs. Jay'd had thrush when his immune system had crashed, and the prescription made him violently ill, to where he was throwing up. He had so many medicines on so many different schedules, and I was worried that with all the vomiting I wasn't sure he was keeping down his more important meds, so I used gentian violet on his thrush and it worked with no side effects.

So Daughter will try the prescription, and if the Nugget has any trouble with it, we'll try the GV.


Photos. Forgive a first-time Gramma. Nugget has the most beautiful wide open-mouth smile, but it's near impossible to catch with a camera because she WANTS the camera. This is close as I could get to a smile. A small flirtation. (06/27/11)

Tears coming because I won't give her the camera.

Full belly; nap time. (06/30/11)

This was today, 07/02/11. Nugget was asleep in the bouncy chair. Daughter and I stepped outside (for three seconds! I swear!) to measure Hal's back seat, and we didn't belt Nugget in. Hey, she's only a hair over two months old. She's not going to climb out of the chair, right? Right. The following is what we found when we came back in (still sound asleep). Please don't call child protective services on us.

We were afraid we'd wake her if we tried to move her, so Gramma insisted on protection.

Hal has lost some of his sex appeal. It's a little hard to carry off "prowling platinum cougar" with a green plaid baby seat in the rumble.


Major developmental step - day before yesterday, while she was visiting with me, she discovered her feet. She was sitting sideways on my thigh and looked down and saw them moving. She spent, honest to God, a good half hour watching her feet. She practiced making them move. She'd stare at the right foot, and wiggle it, curl and uncurl the toes. Then she'd turn and stare at the left foot, and wiggle it. It was pretty amazing.

I was worried about her being all bent over like that right after eating, that she'd spit up or get a belly ache or something, but when I tried to straighten her up she fought me, waving her arms and fussing and throwing her head forward and down. She's very strong.

When I took her back across the street, I told Daughter about it, but Nugget wasn't interested in feet any more. She wanted booby.

Later I went over to visit, and the instant I put her on my lap she threw herself forward and worked on foot control again. Daughter laughed that Nugget seems to think Gramma brings feet.

She doesn't have control of her arms and hands yet, except when reaching for her face and mouth. She's very accurate at getting fingers into her mouth. Otherwise her arms kind of just wave around. I doubt there had been anything else she wanted to grab, requiring hand-eye coordination. The feet seem to have provided incentive. She'd been trying to reach for them since she discovered them. Yesterday she caught one, and looked very surprised. She's better at catching feet today.

And I think she's figured out they're hers, not Gramma's.


Looking at the pictures of Nugget in the bouncy chair. We had left her on her back. So I think that may have been her first rolling over, too. Given the cradling shape of the chair, that couldn't have been easy. I wonder how she did it. You're not supposed to put infants to sleep on their bellies any more (SIDS). I wonder how you prevent belly sleeping once they learn how to roll over?

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