Saturday, May 21, 2011

3260 Durn squirrels! And cats!

Saturday, May 2011

It's almost always dangerous to be right too soon.
David Gerrold, The Martian Child


I put some peanuts, in shells, on the porch railing for the squirrels and for Jasper's entertainment. Then I went to the Wawa (I hate that name) to get some Greek yogurt. I was gone maybe 20 minutes.

When I returned, all my potted impatiens had been dug up, and a peanut planted in each pot.

Ok squirrels. No more nuts for you!


There's a very ballsy black feral cat who visits my back yard and scares the beans out of Jasper when they see each other at the window. Last night Jasper was on the dining room window sill when the black cat visited and startled him.

There was an explosion.

There was a traverse rod on the floor under that window, waiting for curtains to be chosen. You know, the kind with all the cords?

Well, when Jasper exploded from the window sill, he got tangled in the cords somehow, and in his panic he dragged the heavy rod out of the dining room, across the breakfast area floor, knocking over a stool which scared him more. The 7-foot long rod somehow got airborne going over the stool, came down on his food tray 6 feet further on, spilling his food and water all over the floor, and it then jammed in the hall doorway, with one end somehow stuck behind my desk. The other end knocked Roomba off his power base and turned him on, and with a "ta beep ta bah" Roomba took off after Jasper, who tore down the hall and up the stairs, trailing traverse cords the whole way.

The whole thing happened in an instant. All was quiet, and then suddenly three rooms were destroyed. Jasper is now afraid of the dining room. Poor timid little chicken. He did not have a good night.


I'd been considering befriending and semi-adopting that black cat, but you know, somehow I don't think it would work out.


the queen said...

Wonderful description! I felt as if I were there.

Badass Nature Girl said...

I heard Flight of the Bumblebee in my head when I read that! Poor Jasper.

Becs said...

Poor Jasper, but it was funny.

If you want to trap, neuter, release the black cat, I have a trap. I don't think he or Jasper would be happy to be in close quarters.

~~Silk said...

Becs - I would do that, but I'm not absolutely sure he's feral. There are a lot of outside cats around here, most of whom stay fairly close to their homes. This guy seems to think he owns the entire neighborhood, which is what makes me think he doesn't have a regular food dish. On the other hand, he didn't lose any weight over the winter. So I don't know.

As much as I believe in neutering, I can't do it to someone else's cat (even if they'd never know it was me.)