Friday, May 20, 2011

3259 The End?

Friday, May 20, 2011

“Those who help those who won't help themselves are stupid.”
-- LaVerne of "Empty Nest" --


An awful lot of self-satisfied Jesus-centric Christians are going to be very surprised when only Jews are "raptured".


Becs said...

Um...actually, no. Not according to the New Testament. It's in the Book of Revelation.

But this whole end of the world thing, pfft! Nonsense.

the queen said...

Ah, Becs, that's the Revelation of St JOHN. John was high all the time. The apocryphal Revelation of St. Peter has Jesus whispering to Peter that actually, everybody gets into heaven. The Council of Worms or Nice or whoever it was decided people had to be scared straight.

~~Silk said...

Um...not exactly where I was going, but that's ok. What testament or what book has nothing to do with it. The message was to the Jews, and it's about true belief in God. That's G-O-D, not Jesus.